• Website maintenance - I offer a $50/month site maintenance plan which includes minor revisions, such as copy edits or swapping photos – basically any work that takes up to an hour a month to complete. I also check my clients’ sites daily to make sure their sites are up and running and not experiencing any weirdness. If this service plan is in excess of your needs or your site requires more than an hour of maintenance per month, I am also available to work on an as needed basis at the rate of $50 an hour, with a 1/2 hour minimum.

Let me say how pleased we continue to be with our web site. It has been wonderful to have the site up and functioning all the time---absolutely wonderful! Our "referred by Internet" business is UP, thanks to you.

Claire Taht, Thornhill Catering

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  • Proofreading - for broken links and content readability - having a potential client find spelling and grammar errors on your website does not make a good first impression. Broken links or missing pages undermine your credibility.

  • PDF brochures - convert your existing or create a new brochure for emailing or downloading from your website. Visit the Interactive PDF eBrochure page for more details.

  • Banner ads and Website Headers (Samples)


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