To Potential Customers of Rawls Court Communications:

I have worked with Susan McGinty for the past three years. In that time, I have come to rely heavily on her for assistance with website design and maintenance, database management, huge spreadsheet projects and manual revisions to others’ work products. She has also provided invaluable support for project management, graphic design and layout, end user documentation and resource materials. I was skeptical at first but Susan makes it so very easy and convenient to have this type of work handled virtually.

Her professionalism and dedication are second to none and her commitment to client services is without question. As a remote “team member”, she easily manages the workload of two employees while preserving the quality and integrity of every project, no matter how large or small. Contracting with Susan and Rawls Court Communications has resulted in an average monthly savings of $5,000.00 to our company.

Recently our company found itself lacking human resources and facing a mandatory production release. Our help files and user documentation HAD to be updated in a matter of days vs. the normal cycle. Virtually, Susan worked hand in hand with my team and our development team in California to ensure completeness and accuracy and needless to say, the release went out on time. Susan is creative, self-reliant and highly motivated to go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure her clients are successful.

I would welcome your call should you have questions or need additional information about our relationship or the work product of Rawls Court Communications.

Rebecca Brese
Vice President, Client Services

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