PDF eBrochures & Presentions

Creating marketing materials in, or adapting your marketing material to the Adobe Acrobat PDF format is great way to stretch your advertising dollars. I use Acrobat to create beautiful interactive PDF eBrochures or presentations like these (see download instructions below):


To get the full effect right click on one of the graphics above, choose Save Target As, name it something and save it on your desktop. After the presentation downloads double-click the icon on your desktop to view the presentation full screen. Download Mankarios Partners presentation (3MB PDF). Download Let's Party Catering presentation (1.5MB PDF). Download Cirrus Health presentation (2MB PDF).

If you need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it here:

A PDF eBrochure or presentation can contain sound/voice (.WAV) files and Quicktime movies! PDF presentations can be emailed (depending on file size), distributed on CD/mini-CD's/USB keys, or added to your website as a download.

The PDF file format is trusted by billions of users worldwide, and has many advantages:

  • Customers can download PDF's from your website.
  • You can email PDF's as attachments - they are almost never blocked by virus scanners.
  • They are a great alternative to HTML email - your client sees exactly what you sent - not what the client's e-mail software is configured to show.
  • They look exactly like original documents regardless of the application used to create them.
  • Your customer doesn't need to have the software the document was created in to view it, just the free Acrobat Reader that is probably already installed on their computer, or can be downloaded for free from Adobe's site.
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF's are viewable and printable on any platform — Macintosh, Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, and many mobile platforms.

I design custom backgrounds and graphics for PowerPoint presentations as well. Please visit my presentation graphics portfolio.

Many of my clients do not print their brochures and flyers at all! It saves them a lot of money on printing costs, and if their materials need to be updated, they aren't stuck with boxes of expensive obsolete paper. Here are some samples (double-click graphics to open full-size PDF's):



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